Choose from 14 backgrounds, 6 layouts and 20 niche demos. All demos are available as one-click demo import from the plugin options page. Choose any demo, then modify layout, background, content, logo etc and you are good to go. Just plug and play really.

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We have created Asche to provide our customers a wide array of design features and customization options that no other WordPress plugin has. This empowers our customers to be more creative with the coming soon pages. And with regular updates with more demos, more layouts, more features your coming soon / maintenance pages will look modern and beautiful.

One Click Import

Choose and import any demo with just one click from the plugin options page.

Typography Styles

Choose from 650 Google fonts and add any font combination. Add variations you want.

Fully Responsive

Your comng soon page looks good in all desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Interactive Effects

Choose from 12 background effects. These are animated and interactive.

Animated Modals

Add animated modals with your content that can be trigerred from any button shortcode.

Buttons & Social Icons

Add buttons and social icons with custom styles, shapes, properties, hover effects etc.

Detailed Documentation

Get started with our detailed documentation explaining every aspect of plugin.

Email Based Ticket Support

We have implemented an advanced ticketing system to provide 1-to-1 support for our customers.


There are 10 shortcodes for your use to add a wide range of elements to your page.

Shortcodes Generator

With our advanced shortcodes generator, you can add any shortcode you would want with wase.

Animated Countdowns

With the countdown element, you can add a countdown timer in 2 different styles.

Powerful Slideshows

Add slideshow backgrounds with custom timing, transitions and animations.

Fast and Optimised

The plugin is optimised for fast performance and add only required scripts in the frontend.

MailChimp Integration

With the subscribe box you can add your website visitor's email address to the MailChimp email list.

Google Analytics

Add analytics code and other custom js code to track your website visitors and actions.

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